Project design, engineering, construction

GEMONT Ltd. is a company that specializes in project design, engineering, construction and production.

The main strategic objective of the company is to provide full services - from basic idea to complete realization of an object to its business partners. All these activities can be done only by own forces.

These are the main activities of the company:

  • project design and investor projects of a wide variety facilities
  • project design and manufacturing in the area of steel constructions and machine building
  • project design and installation of telecommunication units, networks and systems
  • project design and installation of heating and cooling systems
  • project design and installation of municipal infrastructure
  • project design and installation of remote management systems
  • maintenance of a wide variety objects

Headquarter and project design office are situated in Belgrade, at Milana Rakica Street, No.66. Production facilities and technical work groups are located in Belgrade, Uzice and Smederevska Palanka.