Construction and installation managers

GEMONT Ltd. employs a staff of highly qualified graduate engineers in different area of expertise. All of them possess Serbian Engineers Chamber’s Licenses for construction and installation managers and have conducted following projects:

I Graduate civil engineers

RBS sites preparation and adaptation: 116 sites
antenna towers maintenance: 22 sites
installation of steel contructions for MW radio systems: 45 relations
bulding of business objects: 7 objects
building of resitential objects: 11 objects
building and reconstruction of objects: 10 objects
construction and reconstruction of storehouses: 3 objects

II Graduate mechanical engineers

installation and reconstruction of heating systems: 21 systems

III Graduate electrical engineers – power engineering department

power supply installations of high and mean voltage: 3 objects
power supply installations of low and mean voltage: 3 objects
RBS sites preparation and adaptation: 22 sites